Ways To Soothe The Aches And Pains Caused By Biking

Physical fitness is the mantra of the day. There are scores of people who walk, run, jog, cycle or exercise daily to remain fit and healthy. Such people usually have strong legs and good muscle power. And then, there are some who may lead a sedentary lifestyle with poor fitness. Continue to learn the best ways to soothe the Aches and Pains caused by biking.

Soothe The Aches And Pains Caused By Biking
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Leg sores after long sessions of exercise can lead to muscle pains. It can be worse if you indulge in regular horse riding or biking. Both require the rider to sit in an upward posture for a long duration. A pleasant long bike ride could turn uncomfortable when you start experiencing body aches. This is very common for people who ride bikes regularly.

There could also be pains and soreness in your lower body. Some amount of aches or pains after riding a bike for a long time or regularly riding a bike are normal. It’s only of concern if the pain is more than usual or occurs regularly.

Fatigue, your age, the seat on which you are going to spend your time, the traffic conditions: all these are some of the factors which add to the aches and pains. Though one can’t do much about these external factors, one can certainly follow some tips to take care of the motorcycle pain and get ready for the next bike ride.

Here are some of the ways that you can soothe the aches and pains after a delightful or a duty-bound bike ride:

1. Drinking plenty of water: We all know how important water is for our health. Excessive riding can leave us exhausted and cause electrolyte imbalance in our bodies. This imbalance makes us fatigued and might cause body aches. Having plenty of warm water helps in balancing the lost electrolytes and takes away most of the pains.

2. Resting: Relax a while after your bike ride. Lie down raising your legs at a little height. You can use a pillow that can be placed under your feet. This would give your body an instant relief.

3. Taking a hot bath: It’s no secret how relaxing a hot water bath can be. You are lucky if you have a bathtub but a good shower can also do the trick. Taking a dip after a long day of riding around can be very relaxing. A hot bath calms the nervous system by improving the blood circulation. It is a great remedy to help soothe the aching muscles. Hot water also raises the temperature of the body and makes you perspire thus flushing out the toxins. In all, it’s a great way to relieve stress.

4. Stretching: Gently stretch your leg muscles. Sit on the floor. Stretch and join your legs together. Raise your hands and gently bend forward touching your hands to the feet. This will help to increase your blood flow and send oxygen and other nutrients to the muscles which have become sore after long holding postures. Neck pains are also very common in bikers. Do gentle stretching and simple neck exercises for relief.

5. Performing yoga: Long riding hours can give severe lower back pain to riders. Taking out 15-20 minutes daily and performing some simple yoga poses can take care of this pain. Yoga also helps in relieving the pains in the arms and legs. Simple poses like downward dog pose, lunges, ragdoll, cow cat can work wonders for your lower back.

6. Doing mild exercises: You can also do mild exercises like swimming, slow walking, etc as these help your muscles to stretch and relax at the same time. Swimming is an excellent water therapy for aches and pains. Slow walking also helps in toning all your muscles which helps them to ease out and relax. These exercises increase blood flow in various parts of the body and send oxygen and other vital nutrients to the sore muscles.

7. Applying acupressure: Consult an acupressure specialist and gently apply pressure to the points he or she suggests. This removes any blockages in the blood flow and greatly helps in doing away with all aches and pains in the body. Sometimes the shoulders too are affected. Gently rubbing them or applying pressure by pinching the area between the thumb and forefinger gives instant and tremendous relief.

8. Using ice packs: Placing ice packs reduces swellings in the muscles and tissues, thereby relieving pain. Do not place ice directly on the body. Rather, wrap it in a towel or a piece of thick cloth, and then place it on the sore muscles.

9. Getting a massage done: Another excellent way to get rid of body pains and aches is by getting a gentle massage done. Massaging the area cools and soothes the muscles, thereby reducing aches and pains. Getting a massage done by a massage therapist especially after long rides is a good idea and can give instant relief and relaxation.

10. Using pain relievers: If none of the above simple and effective remedies seem to work for you, go for some safe medication. Take a pain reliever, or apply any common and safe pain relieving gel or ointment. These are also very effective in letting go of body aches and pains.

11. Visiting the doctor: Sometimes, the pain may be unbearable and does not go away even after adopting the above-mentioned suggestions. As a last resort, visit your doctor to ask for medical advice. He may then be the best person to guide you in such situation. Don’t neglect when the pain is unusual as it may be a muscle rupture or tissue injury.

Remember that it’s very important to do some light warming up exercises before going on a bike ride. Also making some small changes to your bike can make it more comfortable for you to ride. Like altering the handlebars to your level, changing the seat to a better one etc can make your riding experience more comfortable. Having proper bike accessories can further add to the comfort while riding. Moreover, it might come as a surprise to you – wearing proper gear while riding can also enhance the experience and keep you comfortable and ache free for longer durations.

Happy Biking!

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