Hypertension or Hypotension: Which Kills Faster?

Hypotension, referred to as to as low blood pressure, is the reduction in the blood pressure level of the body, while Hypertension is fundamentally the increase in blood pressure level of the body. The vast majority of the general population get worried about hypertension which is the most common nowadays but hypotension is an equivalent killer.

Hypertension or Hypotension: Which Kills Faster?

Yes, life is running fast, but faster are the diseases following it. Hypertension and hypotension have ended up becoming two of the most genuine enemies of life.

Hypotension is where organs of the body can end up denied of oxygen and nutrients and the body goes into shock which can turn out to be deadly since it sometimes leads to a life-threatening condition like chronic heart disorders, neurological and endocrine disorders and so on.

Types of Hypotension or Low Blood Pressure:

Hypotension or low blood pressure can be classified into several kinds depending on the way it is caused. Below are few of the names:

1. Orthostatic hypotension: This is a kind of hypotension which is predominant in adults and happens when there is a sudden drop in blood pressure level which can be caused when a person all of a sudden stands up from a sitting or resting position.

2. Neurally mediated hypotension (NMH): This condition emerges when a person has been standing for a long period of time or he has experienced an unpleasant or irritating knowledge. In basic words, this is referred to as fainting. A lot of individuals suffer from neurally mediated hypotension faint frequently.

3: Postprandial hypotension: This type of hypotension is referred to that which occurs mostly after eating.

Common Symptoms of hypotension or low blood pressure:

1: Dizziness

2: Cold, clammy, pale skin

3: General feeling of weakness/fatigue

4: Rapid, shallow breathing

5: Fainting

6: Blurred vision

7: Palpitations

8: Nausea

9: Depression

10: Thirst

 Common Causes of hypotension:

There are innumerable causes that can lead to hypotension. Here is the list of a few which might help you to ward off the disease by not following them.

1: Dehydration

2: Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar levels)

3: pregnancy

4: Severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis)

5: Nervous system disorders like Parkinson’s disease

6: Endocrine problems like underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism) or overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism)

7: Heart problems like valvular heart disease, heart attack, heart failure, a very low heart rate.

8: Lack of nutrients in your diet

9: Lack of nutrients in your diet

10: Stress and shock which occurs when blood pressure drops to dangerously low levels, seriously impairing adequate blood flow to vital organs, such as the brain and kidneys.

Treatment That Follows Hypotension:

Hypotension or low blood pressure kills slowly and hence it requires immediate treatment, however, the treatment relies on the cause of your low blood pressure and your symptoms.

The tests that are done for the process of treatment include:

1: Blood cultures to check for infection

2: Basic metabolic panel

3: X-ray of the abdomen

4: Complete blood count (CBC), including blood differential

5: Electrocardiography or ECG

6: X-ray of the chest

7: Urinalysis

What’s more, if one is suffering from chronic condition then in case of medical emergency you might be administered medicines that are meant for increasing blood pressure and enhance heart strength. You may likewise be given blood through a needle (IV) and certain antibiotics.


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